Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

4. Zoey

I know she’s a polarizing figure, but Zoey really was an awesome girlfriend for Ted. Though their relationship began under dooming circumstances (she was married and trying to save the building he was tearing down) once Ted and Zoey worked past their initial differences, they were quite a great couple. Arch enemies turned to lovers really worked here, and Zoey was such a cute yet deep character. The only main problem was that Ted was too similar to her, and that isn’t the worst problem to have.

3. Victoria

Victoria may have lost a lot of points when she left for Germany (and when she came back for season 8), but when Ted first met her she was absolutely incredible. Sweet, caring, and a baker. What more can a guy ask for? The way Ted originally tracked her down and kissed her in the bakery is more romantic than any first kiss he’s had. Plus her drum roll theory completely won Ted over. Brilliant play Victoria. The main qualm I have with Victoria is her insistence that Ted stop being friends with Robin. Although she obviously had a point considering how often Ted has fallen back in love with Robin, anytime a girl asks a guy to leave his friends that’s a major red flag.

2. Stella

Stella had us fooled for quite a while. They actually had a wedding lined up, so it didn’t seem too farfetched to assume that Stella was actually going to be the mother. She was willing to fake liking Star Wars for the rest of her life to make Ted happy (though the fact she didn’t like it means there’s definitely some mental instability there, but we’ll let that slide) and that shows how much she truly cared about Ted. Unfortunately for Ted (fortunately for fans of the show) there are some demons that are just too great to get past, and that was the downfall of this relationship.
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