Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

36. Karen

Sorry bro, but Karen is definitely the scum of Ted’s past relationships. I won’t even dwell on the obvious flaw which is the whole cheating on him every time she visited him at college. Even if you take away the cheating she sucked. It was like every slightly annoying trait Ted has was exponentially increased when he was with her. She was pretentious beyond all belief and did absolutely nothing to make him a better person. Fail Ted.

35. Strawberry

Strawberry is a girl that we barely got to see any of, and there’s a good reason for that. Ted would’ve never been able to date a vegan. I don’t think he’s ever eaten a meal on the show where he didn’t have mostly meat on his plate. Plus her name was Strawberry. Strawberry for crying out loud. At least she had spunk…

 34. Jeanette

There are a few girls that the writers have made a much greater effort to make the audience hate than the others. Despite Karen’s pretentiousness, and the flaws of all the other girls on the bottom half of this list, I think Jeanette really may have been the most out there. She hardly had any redeeming qualities at all, and any slight hint of a positive has to be completely overshadowed by the fact she was absolutely bonkers and ended up destroying almost all of Ted’s stuff. She destroyed the red cowboy boots. Enough said.

33. Becky


Really Ted? Dating a girl who acts like she’s 8-years-old? I mean yeah, Becky was cute, but I really don’t understand how she won over so many men with her little kid act. Thankfully, Ted realized how sad this one was on his own before getting serious with her. But really, boats? Boats? Boats? Horrible Ted.

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