Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

24. Rachel


Ted may or may not have ridden the tricycle with her, so that gets her extra points for sure, but other than that there’s not a whole lot of redeeming qualities to Rachel. While Trudy seemed totally awesome, even when lapsing into her sorority ways, Rachel seemed like a girl ten years out of college who still sneaks back into the old house for parties. But again, the tricycle…

23. Honey

Ted Mosby is one of the most pretentiously intellectual characters on TV. Heck, he wanted to have a bar where people sit around in tweed discussing poetry. So for him to date someone as dumb as Honey, well that obviously wasn’t going to work out at all, so it’s a good thing he let her go. On the other hand, she was played by Katy Perry, meaning she looks like Katy Perry. That speaks for itself.

22. Molly


Well Molly kind of sucked, at least for Ted, but it’s very fitting that Ted’s first wasn’t into him while he thought he was madly in love. The fact she was able to get him to loan her money but then never called him again is horrible, I know, but the girl does seem a little bit cooler for it. Plus, Ted’s first holds a special place, thus Molly gets some bonus points here.

21. Natalie


Why Ted wanted to get back with Natalie I have no idea. Yeah, listening to Belle and Sebastian is cool, I guess, but that’s about all she had going for her. But she had a sock monkey obsession. How weird is that? Plus this girl definitely has some anger issues.

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