Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

12. Amy

Although Amy was probably a horrible match for Ted, she was able to break him out of his depression of staying home alone in the time after his break-up with Robin. Plus, any girl who is able to convince Ted to get a tramp stamp obviously has something going for her.

11. Stacey Gusar

Stacey had the oh-so-horrible flaw of Ted thinking she hooked up with Barney. There really isn’t any coming back from that one. Other than that she was just about perfect. She played bass, which is Ted’s oddest fascination, and she was in great shape meaning she had a rockin’ bod. If only he didn’t try to compete with Barney for her, she likely could’ve ended up the mother.

10. Maggie Wilks

Oh if only the window had been large enough for Ted to sneak his way through. Maggie is one of the cutest girls Ted has had an opportunity to court, even if he really never got his shot. A marine biologist and a mentor to inner city kids at night, it’s no wonder that so many men fell head over heels for her, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be for Ted. And if all else fails, Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized.

9. Trudy

Trudy was a flat out fox and way, way cool. The fact Ted was able to initially get her attention singing Cheap Trick counts for something, and she was totally okay with a drunken Ted swooning over her in the ladies’ room. She also helped Ted ride the tricycle (yes I’m convinced it happened) so that bumps her way up the list. But dammit Trudy! What about the pineapple!?

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