Ranking Ted Mosby’s Girlfriends On How I Met Your Mother

8. Amanda

Maybe I just have a sweet spot for girl who can bake (pun definitely intended), but how great was it that Amanda was a cook? Granted, the cake she baked for Lily called her Lori, but that was an honest mistake. Amanda was cute, and one of the sweetest girls we’ve seen on the show. Ted brought her into an incredibly uncomfortable situation and she made the best of it and was a darling to everyone. It’s a real shame that a year later Ted couldn’t remember her name.

7. Cindy

Cindy is the first girl on this list that I would’ve been happy had Ted ended up with her. Now we know there’s the minor snag of her being a lesbian, but when they were dating, Ted and Cindy were pretty awesome together. She was a Ph.D. student, so you know she’s smart enough for Ted, and the only real flaw she had was a bit of a roommate complex, which is understandable considering Ted does end up falling in love with her roommate.

6. Janet McIntyre

If there was one girl that was absolutely everything Ted had ever dreamed of, it was Janet McIntyre. A billionaire kidney donor, who graduated from Princeton at 15, climbed Everest, and in her free time saves babies from creeks, the only thing wrong with this girl is she was too great for Ted. There’s no way he would’ve been able to handle a real relationship with her, and of course, as soon as he knows how great she is, he clams up. But it was worth it to make sure she didn’t only kind-of like Annie Hall, right Ted?

5. Robin

Oh Robin. The woman that Ted just can’t seem to shake. If the show was to go on for twenty seasons, we’d probably get to see an other-wise happily married Ted continue to confess his love to Robin. Although we found out in the very first episode of the show that she wasn’t going to be the mother, plenty of fans still want to insist that Ted and Robin end up together, and I see where they’re coming from. I mean come on, it’s the dream to end up falling in love with your best friend, and that’s exactly what Ted has done (cue Barney insisting he’s the best friend) however, she doesn’t want kids, which should be a huge deal-breaker for Ted and is what keeps her off the top of this list.

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