Is Reverse-Flash Pulling The Strings In The Flash Season 5?


The Flash season 5 has so far set up Chris Klein’s Cicada to be the big bad of this season, but the folks at CinemaBlend aren’t convinced that another force isn’t subtly manipulating events from off-screen. Yes, this theory goes that Eobard Thawne will be coming back once again, this time as the puppet-master for poor Nora.

The theory hinges around the scene from a recent episode in which Sherloque Wells questions whether Nora destroyed the satellite that ended up creating Cicada of her own volition. She hesitates and Wells soon changes the subject, but this was surely a little hint that there’s a bigger plan at work here, with someone else using Nora to alter history and bring about a different version of Cicada from that of the original timeline.

And, of course, if we’re talking about changing history on The Flash, Reverse-Flash is the first name that springs to mind. Perhaps Thawne trained Nora in the future, once she realized she was a speedster after future Iris dampened her daughter’s powers without her knowledge through the use of a chip implant. Nora has only been in touch with the Speed Force for about six months and, if you think about it, she’s already much more in command of her abilities than Barry was at that point. Could Thawne have been training Nora for his own ends, much like he did her pops?

If we take this as red for the moment, what might Thawne be planning? Well, it could just be as simple as another convoluted revenge plan against Barry. After all, it’s definitely up his alley to use one of the hero’s family members called Nora against him and perhaps he’ll show up in that speedster reunion that’s happening in the show’s 100th episode?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but don’t be surprised if The Flash reveals that Thawne’s been pulling the strings all along.