Rick And Morty Fan Theory Says Rick Is An Old Morty Stuck In A Time-Loop

Rick and Morty

Considering how long it takes for Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to come up with more episodes of Rick and Morty and produce them, fans are excited for the return of the show next month to conclude season 4 and probably get into the Evil Morty story arc once more.

After three long years, Rick and Morty returned in late 2019 with another 10-episode season, divided into two parts. The first of those, consisting of independent adventures, featured the two main characters in a number of unique and creative scenarios. Alas, there was no sign of Evil Morty and his plan to kill C-137. But since we’re getting into the second half, things might start to go ugly for Rick and his grandson.

According to a new fan theory posted on Reddit though, Rick Sanchez is actually a made-up name. Morty will eventually grow into Rick and his grandfather will cease to exist at some point. In fact, this theory says Rick is trapped in a time-loop, which could explain why he feels constantly in pain. As the Redditor suggests, Rick understands that at some point, he has to “guide his Morty to become a Rick.” This is why he lives life to the fullest and doesn’t care about much else.

Rick knows how the story will end, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t still enjoy it. As for Evil Morty, he’s one of the Morties who realizes this and decides to put an end to this insanity by killing every Rick. Perhaps after accomplishing his goal, Morties will no longer have to turn into Ricks, thus breaking the time-loop.

Rick and Morty

Here’s how the theory reads in full:

Rick is constant pain due that he is trapped in a loop.

He knows that at some point he needs to guide his Morty to become a Rick. That is why he lives life to the fullest.

It’s a doctor Manhattan’s deal, he knows how the book ends, no matter what he does, but he can still enjoy the middle part.

While I can mention the adult Morty becoming a Rick in the citadel episode, we can also guess that Mortis become smarter with time and colder (Evil Morty).

Evil Morty was a Morty that found out about this and didn’t accept the deal. He wanted to change the course and took the only reliable option: Becoming evil. Due that he was abandoned by his Rick, he knew he was not part of the game anymore so he killed his whole family and conquered his universe with the mission of ending the circle by killing his Rick and every Rick in existence.


So Mortys can finally be free from such silly destiny of becoming a Rick and then repeat the whole game again.

What evil Morty doesn’t know is that his Rick (ours) knows this is unavoidable and that is why he doesn’t care anymore, he just goes from adventure to adventure having as much pleasure as possible before his time comes and his Morty takes the mantle.

Even if Rick dies before that, another Rick from a different dimension brings the deceased Rick’s Morty to another dimension with an alternative Rick ,with no Morty around, so the “course” can go on.

“I’m in constant pain! (of knowing the ending!)”

My theory is that by the end of the series, Rick is gonna save his Morty by using a time travel device which will send him right at the start of the “game”. Jessica will be with him in this one. I mean, look at Summer. Recessive red-haired genes!

Of course, this is a wild and controversial theory, to say the least. It also comes with a whole lot of different complications, including Beth’s history as Rick’s daughter and the fact that if Morty truly is Rick, then he’s also the father to his own mother (confused yet?).

Additionally, the Citadel of Ricks consists of millions of Morties and Ricks that interact with each other on a daily basis, each with their own histories and backgrounds. Suffice it to say, the theory collapses on itself when you think too much about it.

Then again, we’ve come to expect literally everything from the minds behind Rick and Morty, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves what happens when the next episode premieres on May 3rd.