Rick & Morty Star Hospitalized After Terrifying Knife Attack

Rick and Morty

Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith in Rick & Morty, has been hospitalized after being attacked by a knife-wielding maniac. As reported by TMZ, the incident happened late on Friday night at a restaurant called The Black Ant in New York’s East Village. The establishment was beginning to close when an apparently drunken man turned up demanding service. After he was told to leave, he went berserk, pulled out a knife and started indiscriminately attacking staff and customers.

According to TMZ’s sources, Grammer and her dining companion were among those trying to stop the attack, only for them both to suffer injuries. Spencer received “gashes” to her arm and her friend received wounds to his back. Apparently, the assailant fled on foot and detectives are now on the case. After the frightening-sounding attack, Grammer and her friend were taken to hospital and treated for their injuries, which were not life-threatening.

As you might suspect by her name, Grammer is the daughter of Frasier and X-Men star Kelsey Grammer and made her acting debut while very young on the set of Cheers. Since then, she’s comprehensively moved out of her father’s shadow, going on to appear in the lead role in ABC’s Greek, a comedy-drama about college students in the school’s Greek fraternity system. She also turned up in the gritty reboot of Ironside, which was cancelled after only four episodes aired due to bad reviews.

But it’s with Rick & Morty and Summer Smith that Grammar has found the most success. Season 4 of the show has just wrapped up, though there are apparently many more to come in the future. After all, the series has been confirmed for a further seventy episodes, meaning Grammer will be voicing Summer for at least the entirety of the 2020s. With any luck, we’ll next see some new episodes in 2021, but in the meantime, let’s hope the actress recovers quickly and they catch that crazy madman.

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