‘Rings of Power’ teaser promises the return of Sauron during tonight’s finale

the lord of the rings sauron
Image via New Line Cinema

Hold on to your jewelry, because the lord of the rings himself is finally making his debut in tonight’s Rings of Power finale.

No one could deny that the live-action Amazon adaptation — which, according to the company itself, is the most expensive television show in the history of this medium — has had its ups and downs over the past six weeks, but all of those slow-burn plot lines, tentative characterizations, and spread-out revelations have been leading up to this moment.

As Galadriel and Halbrand make their way back to Lindon, Celebrimbor prepares to unveil his forge at Eregion and get around to saving the Eldar race the only way he knows how. The Harfoots are also on the move, trying to locate the Stranger and save him from those mysterious white-robed cultists. Meanwhile, Adar is directing the Uruk to establish a new kingdom in Mordor.

Amidst all of these developments, it seems that we’re finally going to learn who Sauron is, with the teaser for tonight’s finale indicating, in no uncertain terms, that the villain is finally unmasking his true self.

“You will be known for who you truly are… for you are Lord Sauron,” intones an unknown figure, maybe to the titular big bad himself, so you’ll know that all of your speculation and guesswork will finally come to fruition at last.

And from there, who knows what will happen? The Rings of Power is being developed as part of a five-season television run, which means that the writers must also do a fair job of setting up what’s to come tonight, lest the audience forgets about the divisive show as soon as the credits roll.

You can catch the finale on Prime Video at 12 am ET.