Robin Lord Taylor “Would Love To See” Kevin Smith Direct An Episode Of Gotham


Now having directed episodes of both The Flash and Supergirl, with a return to the latter slated for this spring, Kevin Smith is undoubtedly strutting his stuff. And according to, he’s up for directing episodes of either Gotham or Riverdale in the future, too. As the kids would say these days, things escalated quickly.

Upon hearing this, Robin Lord Taylor, the Penguin himself, took to Twitter and invited Smith with open arms:

To be quite frank, we can’t fault Taylor for publicly expressing his excitement. Apparently, neither could Smith himself, as he responded with the following:

Knowing how great of a Batman fan Smith is (he hosts a podcast titled “Fatman on Batman,” after all), having him vacation in Gotham City would seem like a natural fit. And taking into account how well he deals in character focused scenes, it goes without saying that directing an episode of this particular series should be like riding a bicycle for him.

But, as usual, it all comes down to availability. We know that Smith has already put in a request to direct an episode taking part in next season’s big DC TV crossover on The CW, whatever form it may take. That aside, it’s been established that Harley Quinn will appear in the season 3 finale and possibly play a big role next year, so we can only hope the filmmaker has an opening when you consider that he named his own daughter after her.

Until then, be sure to check out the winter finale of Gotham, “Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies,” this coming Monday on Fox.