Robin Meets Robin In New Titans BTS Photo


Of the many memorable moments which occurred during Titans‘ fantastic first season, a personal favorite of mine had to be the introduction of Jason Todd. I mean, not only was this character’s live action debut long overdue, but Curran Walters proved to be the perfect actor for the role.

Having said that, it’s my wish that we see more of Robin 2.0 whenever the second season commences. If what my gut is telling me is correct, Hawk and Dove will track down Jason just in time for the final battle against Trigon. Plus, Walters has teased both the Red Hood persona and the Joker on social media, though the inclusion of each is entirely up to the producers.

What we’re here to talk about today though is a behind-the-scenes photo that’s been making its rounds over on Reddit. Seen below, it shows both Brenton Thwaites and Curran Walters decked out in their respective Robin costumes.

Of course, this shot was taken during filming on the “Jason Todd” episode, though it should be noted how Dick Grayson was wearing civilian clothing during the cut that aired. By that logic, reshoots likely occurred, so it should be intriguing to see if the alternate footage will be included on the eventual Blu-ray set.

Either way, this image allows us to see all of the differences between each Robin costume. When you place them side by side, it becomes very apparent how the costuming department took the time to make each Boy Wonder unique.

As it turns out, Titans likely won’t return for its second season until early 2020, but we may have more info to share before long since filming will reportedly kickoff next month. As always, keep watching this space.

Source: Reddit