Titans Star Seemingly Teases Joker For Season 2


Considering how Titans has incorporated two Robins – Dick Grayson and Jason Todd – into its overarching story, it’s rather difficult to avoid dealing with the subject of Batman. In the case of Dick, the rocky relationship between he and his mentor was a theme central to season 1, which culminated in the action-packed finale.

When it comes to Jason, though, one could say the Joker is every bit as important to his backstory as the Dark Knight himself. Because of this, fans are anxiously awaiting to see if this iteration of Boy Wonder 2.0 will ever transition to the Red Hood persona.

Well, I guess right now is a great time to say “never say never” because actor Curran Walters recently posted the image seen below on his Instagram page. Yes, it’s a seemingly innocuous picture of Heath Ledger’s Clown Prince of Crime, but eyebrows are bound to raise when the first guy to play Jason in live action does something like this.

Now, before we jump to conclusions thinking Joker will beat Robin to death with a crowbar in season 2, consider that the producers could throw a curveball. Don’t forget, the Batman: Arkham Knight video game explored this situation from a different angle and so, too, could Titans.

As for the Joker’s appearance, it’s very possible he could be patterned after Ledger because, after all, this show’s take on the Caped Crusader is rocking the cowl from Batman Returns. Plus, the Joker we met in the fantasy created by Trigon did bear some resemblance to Ledger, even if we saw him face-down on a car and later bandaged up in a hospital bed. It may not have been reality, sure, but I doubt Dick Grayson would’ve been subjected to a dreamworld wherein one of his greatest foes looked different from previous encounters.

Unfortunately, Titans likely won’t return for its second season until early 2020, but we may have more info to share before long since filming will reportedly commence in a few months from now. As always, keep watching this space.