Rogers The Musical Details Have Possibly Leaked Online

Ever since Rogers the Musical was first spotted in the trailer for Hawkeye, fans have been expressing their unyielding excitement to see how it plays out on screen. Now it seems that we might have a few details about the fictional broadway show.

A Reddit user named TheGookie claims to have spoken to the actor that plays Hawkeye in the musical who shared a few interesting details about the production and how it came to be. From the start, it seems that auditions were a slightly more casual affair. “His audition was virtual,” the post says. “Just sent in the requested tape.”

The post also claims that the musical numbers were filmed at the Fox Theater in Atlanta and that, “the composer of the musical number was on set that but wouldn’t say who it was, but that it was exciting to meet the person.” Fans are speculating this means Lin-Manuel Miranda or Alan Menken was involved and even on set during the production.

It seems that one of the most surprising parts of the entire process, however, was seeing just how huge the response to Rogers the Musical really was.

“He was stunned at how quickly people online figured out the names of each of the performers in the musical number, especially given the fact that some are under heavy makeup. He isn’t a huge Marvel fan and was also stunned at how quickly Rogers the Musical t-shirts were available.”

While it’s sad we never got to see the Captain America musical that almost happened in real life, if these details are true it does seem like we’ll be getting to see something truly special when Hawkeye hits Disney+ on November 4th.