Here’s How Roy Harper Factors Into Arrow Season 7


When Colton Haynes was confirmed to return to Arrow as a series regular this past spring, the fanbase likely thought a reunion involving the Dynamic Duo that is Green Arrow and Arsenal was a certainty, but Oliver Queen spending his days and nights in Supermax lockup sure put a damper on that.

Still, having Roy Harper around in any capacity is a real delight, though I certainly can’t be the only one who assumed he’s the new Emerald Archer prowling Star City. But after tuning in for last night’s premiere, I’m not so sure anymore.

You see, while the producers are yet to reveal who’s under the hood, we do know the new vigilante in town is crossing names off a list eerily similar to the one Oliver swore by back in season 1. Furthermore, the new flash forwards could have some connection to his true identity.

As it turns out, the first offerings were capped off by revealing that Ollie’s son, William, ventures to Lian Yu at some point in the future, only to come across a grizzled Roy Harper who calls the hellish island home. How this thread unravels is anybody’s guess, but it sure is highly intriguing.

Right now, we can’t be too certain if Roy will appear only in flash forwards, but ruling him out as the new Green Arrow would be premature. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t end up being William traveling back from the future because that’d be jumping the shark, to put it mildly. Hey, the time traveling stuff may work for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but certainly not here.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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