Stephen Amell Discusses Arrow’s Bold New Season, Teases Oliver Getting Out Of Prison


If constant teasers for a nude prison fight and assurances from producer James Bamford saying that The CW’s censorship limits will be put to the the test didn’t get across the message that Arrow‘s seventh season will be hardcore, then I don’t know what’ll convince you.

Fortunately, lead actor Stephen Amell continues doing his job of hyping up the highly anticipated premiere, this time speaking with Variety. In their recent conversation, the Emerald Archer himself spoke of how opening with his character in Supermax lockup yields new storytelling possibilities:

“This season feels very different. It feels very bold. It feels like, in my mind, it’s taking one of the things we did in Season 4, where we introduced [a tease] someone was in the grave. It’s not doing anything like that, but that to me always felt like a bold choice.”

Given Amell’s recent social media post showing him without the classic Green Arrow beard known to comic book fans, it’s very possible that Oliver Queen will be out of prison around the time of episode 7. Regardless, he’ll have to get out of the clink at some point, and Stephen commented on how his stint on the inside could change Ollie’s worldview:

“I think that not everything is black and white; there is a middle ground. Even at his best, he had a tendency to be very dictatorial. He hasn’t really understood the psyche of a criminal. So hopefully he comes out with a better understanding of the types of people he’s dealing with. And hopefully that helps him, if he gets out, be a better person, a better hero.”

Fortunately, though, Star City won’t be without a protector in the interim because, don’t forget, someone else is now masquerading as the Green Arrow. My better judgment tells me it’s Roy Harper, but anyone donning a costume these days had better watch their back now that the fabled Longbow Hunters are arriving in town.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.

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