Ruby Rose Reveals Horrific Injuries She Says Were Sustained On Batwoman Set

Ruby Rose

Almost a year and a half since her abrupt exit from The CW show, former Batwoman star Ruby Rose has finally come clean about what led her to leave the Arrowverse after just one season. Taking to Instagram, the Australian actress has slammed the show’s producers for, amongst other things, allegedly prioritizing the speed of production over the safety of the cast and crew. In doing so, Rose opened up about her own serious injuries apparently sustained on set.

As part of her multi-slide diatribe, Rose shared audio of a conversation between herself and her doctor, as well as reposting footage from her surgery which she’d already shared with her followers at an earlier date. While the actress has revealed details on her spinal injury before now, she went into greater detail today, alluding to the additional problems of broken ribs and a tumor.

“Cut to 3 weeks after this video, it’s worse than abnormal,” Rose captioned the conversation. “This was diagnosed years ago on set but if I got an X-ray ‘we would make our day.’ I have documented this for years. On top of that, I have enough documentation to make a one-hour documentary. Pray tell what else would you like me to share, the broken neck or the broken rib split in two and the tumor?”

Rose alleges that former Warner Bros. Television boss Peter Roth told her it would cost the studio millions and also threaten the jobs of the cast and crew if she did not return to filming immediately, which she says led her to start shooting again just 10 days after her surgery. The actress hit back at critics who said she was “too stiff” in the role, arguing that this was an outcome of being forced to get back to work earlier than was healthy.

Due to her injury, Rose was unable to travel to San Diego to attend Comic-Con in summer 2019. The actress claims that the studio ordered her to film a video announcing her absence, as well as telling her to hide the surgery scar on her neck in the video. WB also apparently threatened to not tell the fans she wouldn’t be showing up and allow attendees to turn up and be disappointed if she didn’t accept their terms.

Other shocking accusations Rose has made include EPs keeping production going during the pandemic despite a production assistant being paralyzed from the waist down after an on-set accident. So far, neither the Batwoman team nor The CW has responded to her claims.