Ironheart TV Show Reportedly In Active Development For Disney+


According to Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse, Disney and Marvel Studios have begun work on an Ironheart project, which isn’t too surprising. After all, ever since Tony Stark’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame there’s been an Iron Man-shaped hole in the MCU that Riri Williams could fill nicely.

For those not in the know, Williams/Ironheart was first introduced in 2016 in Marvel Comics’ Invincible Iron Man. She’s a genius MIT student who reverse engineers an Iron Man-like suit of armor and begins to fight crime. Recognizing her skills, intelligence and seeing a little of his own personality in her, Stark agrees to assist with her superhero career (even going so far as to create an AI version of himself for her to use).

A few years back, word had it that there was an Ironheart script written by Jada Rodriguez on the famous Black List, which showcases the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. Rodriguez’s work may remain in that state at the moment, but the Mouse House is looking for new shows for their streaming platform and her script might just fit the bill.

Ironheart certainly seems like she’d be a good match for Disney Plus as well. The Ms. Marvel show, combined with Kate Bishop’s training being at the center Hawkeye, indicates a focus on young heroes on the streaming network, which may lead into an MCU take on the Young Avengers concept. It’d also be a great way for Marvel Studios to gauge interest in some lesser known characters before they make the leap onto the big screen.

Of course, this technically wouldn’t be Ironheart‘s TV debut, as she’s already featured in an episode of Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron, which gave her a slightly altered backstory but remained relatively faithful to the comics. She also appeared in the 2017 Spider-Man show in the episodes “Amazing Friends” and “Vengeance of Venom.” And that same year, we got a very cool advert from MIT featuring the character, which gave us our best idea yet as to what she’d look like in the MCU.