Sam Wilson’s Captain America Gets His Own Falcon And The Winter Soldier Poster

Captain America 4

Last Friday delivered the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldierwhich finally saw Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson step up and take on the mantle of Captain America. And now that MCU fans have had the weekend to catch up with it, Marvel Studios has shared a new poster for the Disney Plus series which showcases Sam in costume as the word’s latest Sentinel of Liberty.

His Cap suit was carefully hidden from the marketing for the show, so the first proper glimpse we got it at was in episode 6 and this poster provides our clearest look yet at the outfit. Seeing as WandaVision ended with Scarlet Witch suiting up in her classic red tiara, Marvel is certainly keeping us well fed when it comes to comic book-accurate costumes.

Fans went crazy for Sam taking on the mantle of Cap when the episode first dropped last week, though the finale as a whole has faced a mixed reception. The good news, however, is that we know exactly when we’ll see Sam’s Cap next – in his own movie.

Yes, the very same day that the finale arrived, it was announced that Marvel is developing Captain America 4 starring Mackie, with Falcon showrunner Malcolm Spellman working on the script. No doubt that means we can expect several plot threads from the series to be picked up on in the film, then. And we feel pretty confident that Sam will be joined by his partner in crimefighting and new best bud, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

Alongside this poster, Marvel also launched a Twitter emoji. If you use the hashtag #CaptainAmerica on the social media platform, it’ll be accompanied by an emoji depicting Sam in his red goggles and white and blue uniform. And while The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has finished now, a new making-of Marvel Studios: Assembled special, which will dive behind the scenes of the smash hit show, arrives on Disney Plus this Friday.