Captain America 4 Now In Development With Falcon And The Winter Soldier EP


Despite Avengers: Endgame concluding Steve Rogers’ story in a fitting fashion, as he handed the mantle over to his pal The Falcon aka Sam Wilson, Captain America 4 has always remained a possibility. What it might bring us remains unknown, of course, but things became a lot more clear today after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier dropped its finale, with Sam finally stepping up to the plate and getting an awesome new suit to boot.

Indeed, the episode planted a lot of seeds for where things can go from here and hot on the heels of the show wrapping up, The Hollywood Reporter now brings word that Captain America 4 has entered development (which We Got This Covered first told you a while back). Obviously, details are scarce at this early stage, with no director, stars (not even Anthony Mackie) or plot beats being mentioned. In fact, the only thing THR tells us is that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcom Spellman will pen the script along with Dalan Musson, who also worked on the aforementioned Disney Plus series.

As for what we can expect from the fourth film in the Captain America franchise, well, it’s hard to say. Despite the lack of confirmation, it seems a safe bet to say that Mackie will headline, but that doesn’t mean we should rule out a Chris Evans appearance. He obviously won’t take centre stage, but it’d be foolish to think that Marvel wouldn’t bring him back in at least some capacity and give us a reunion between Steve and Sam.

Beyond that? Again, it’s difficult to predict, but as Phase 4 of the MCU continues to unfold and more and more pieces are put into place for the franchise’s future, we should get a much better idea of what to expect from Captain America 4.