Sara Lance Will Get A Superpower In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5


Even though Legends of Tomorrow‘s fifth season won’t commence until sometime in early 2020, the cast have already gotten back to work. Though this is when Arrowverse shows normally go in front of cameras, I was half-expecting for the Waverider crew to be granted an extended vacation, but I guess this affords them some very generous lead-in time.

Quite naturally, a few things will be different once we rejoin the time traveling heroes. For one, the casting department is on the hunt for a Jack Sparrow/Russell Brand type, but there’s change on the horizon for one of the Arrowverse’s most longstanding characters.

Believe it or not, Sara Lance AKA the White Canary is getting a superpower, as actress Caity Lotz revealed the following while speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“Sara will get a magical illness, which will turn into a superpower. She’ll learn how to make it a superhero power, which won’t necessarily be a good thing. It’s going to come with its challenges for sure.”

Based on the sound of that, this won’t be a one-shot deal. Instead, it’s probably safe to say this is something that’ll gradually build as season 5 unfolds. Still, this is a creative move that could prove divisive because something admirable about heroes like Sara is that they charge headlong into extreme situations using only their intellect and fighting prowess.

Regardless, Lotz is actually thrilled about the change, adding this:

“I’m just really excited about having a superpower. I’m on a superhero show, and then all my friends are like, ‘What’s your power?’ I’m like, ‘I’m really good at martial arts.’ They’re like, ‘That’s not a power.’ ‘Dammit, you’re right. It’s not a power.’ So finally I get a power. It’s something where it’s kind of an illness and she’s going to learn how to turn it into something positive, which I think is really cool — taking a setback, something that’s difficult and challenging, and being able to kind of create alchemy with that and turn it into a positive. I think the negative part of the power [will affect] her personal life [more].”

As of this moment, no concrete date has been given for Legends of Tomorrow‘s return, but January may be a solid bet because of the show’s inclusion in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.