Saving Gotham: 10 Reasons Why It’s Actually Brilliant


The future isn’t looking too bright for FOX’s Gotham. While it’s been a divisive program since the beginning, a combination of low ratings and lack of renewal news means it’s walking a tight rope at the moment. Furthermore, the news of DC’s forthcoming digital service should ring some alarm bells, as it’ll allow Geoff Johns and company to create their own Batman-themed shows.

There will be those cheering the series’ demise, of course, inevitably pointing at its failure to respect canon material as its biggest downfall. It’s a fair criticism, too, as the deviations and desire to shoehorn popular characters have led to clunky and rather odd storylines. The transformation of Theo Galavan into Azrael is a prime example of how the story went off the rails in a messy fashion.

However, when you look at all the show has done right, you have to appreciate that it’s had its moments of sheer brilliance. Some of the castings, for instance, have been incredible and we’ve seen comic book arcs brought to life which we may never see elsewhere.

It’s not too late for the crime drama, though, and it may still get renewed later this month, so all is not lost just yet. In the meantime, let’s look at the 10 reasons Gotham is actually a brilliant television series.