Saving Gotham: 10 Reasons Why It’s Actually Brilliant

Earth One Alfred

We’ve seen a variety of Alfred Pennyworths on the big screen. Every actor has portrayed the loyal butler differently, but no one has quite played the badass Al quite like Sean Pertwee has. Who needs Batman when you have Alfred breaking jaws and kicking ass, right?

Pertwee’s inspiration is directly from the pages of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Batman: Earth One. In this version of the Caped Crusader’s origin, it’s Alfred who trains Bruce in martial arts and acrobatics to become the bruiser of criminals everywhere. He still remains a loyal and loving figure, but he also has a rougher edge that makes him a formidable and vital ally in Bruce’s war against crime in Gotham.

While Jeremy Irons’ role as Alfred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed him to be a more hands-on partner than others before him, he’s yet to show off his fighting skills like Pertwee has. More impressively, Gotham‘s favorite butler doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, either. He’s handed down beatings to the series’ villains on more than one occasion.