Scarecrow Returns In New Gotham Season 5 Promo


Bruce Wayne’s hometown won’t be in a good place when Gotham returns for its fifth and final season. Following the cataclysmic events of the season 4 finale, Gotham City has become a “No Man’s Land.” Quarantined off from the rest of the country, the already crime-ridden city is now overrun by its criminal element, leaving our heroes with even more work cut out for them.

According to this new promo for season 5 – seen above – things will begin 45 days into the “No Man’s Land” scenario, with the 20-second teaser promising that Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow is one of the lunatics who’s enjoying the chaos that’s ensuing. Chaining a screaming individual up to a crucifix, Scarecrow incites his crew of mask-wearing cronies to lead a path of destruction through Gotham City.

“Take what we can’t afford,” his speech goes, “and kill anyone who stands in the way. Show these fools the face of fear!”

As you can see, Scarecrow (David W. Thompson, who took over from Charlie Tahan last season) has received a bit of a costume upgrade to bring him closer to the villain’s classic look in the comics. This will be a running theme this year, too, as Gotham will race to bring as many of its characters as possible in line with how they usually appear in the Batman mythos before it ends.

For instance, we know that Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) will wear their typical comic book outfits  – that’s a question marked green suit for Nygma and a top hat and monocle for Cobblepot – in the grand series finale, thanks to some recent set photos (see above). Jim Gordon will also get his mustache and David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne will definitely suit up as Batman.

Gotham season 5 will run for 12 episodes and kicks off on FOX on January 3rd.