The Falcon And The Winter Soldier BTS Photo Reveals Sam And Bucky’s New Suits

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

If all had gone to plan, we’d be enjoying The Falcon and the Winter Soldier right now. The much-hyped first Disney+ MCU show was intended to premiere in August, but missed that deadline due to reasons you can probably figure out unless you’ve spent the last six months in a coma. But, after the shoot was suspended for quite a while, work resumed last week at Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

Now, Sebastian Stan has posted a new picture on Instagram from the set. Somewhat confusingly, the image shows Stan snapping a photo of Anthony Mackie (who appears to be smoking a cigar), raising the question of where the pic Stan took is and who took this one?

Whatever the case, it provides another new look at their costumes and confirms that Stan’s Bucky Barnes is going to be taking a subdued approach to superheroism. He’s in a leather jacket, black jeans and boots, whereas Mackie’s Falcon is in his flight suit sans wings (which are presumably CGI’d in later).

This difference in their costuming may be an indication of where they’re at after Avengers: Endgame as well. Steve Rogers’ decision to hand the mantle of Captain America down to Falcon might encourage the winged one to become a high profile superhero role model. Meanwhile, Bucky must be smarting a little from being overlooked by his oldest friend and his normal outfit could indicate him trying to quit superheroics altogether and lead a normal life.

We’ll know for certain when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally hits Disney+. An exact date hasn’t been announced, but Marvel Studios are insisting that it’ll land sometime this year. That might mean it’ll share the schedule with WandaVision, which is expected to debut in December 2020. With that and The Mandalorian‘s second season, which is due on October 30th, the streaming platform may be ending their drought of exclusive content quite soon.