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‘Secret Invasion’ may have just featured the most graphic scene in MCU history

Did we really need to see it?

Secret Invasion Olivia Colman
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Warning: the following article contains spoilers for episode two of Secret Invasion.

In superhero films and series, violence is inevitable. The bad guys never go down easy, so fighting is an essential part of the job. That said, Marvel could never have prepared fans enough for what they witnessed with the release of Secret Invasion‘s second episode, “Promises.”

In the episode, viewers have to witness short scenes of a Skrull extremist warrior getting tortured as Olivia Coleman’s character, Sonia Falsworth, attempts to get vital information out of him. What shocked some fans, however, wasn’t the torture itself, but a very specific shot of his severed finger, showcasing its bleeding inside freshly after being cut, bone and all.

Yes, the MCU has had a fair share of graphic scenes across its multiple movies and TV shows, but it doesn’t happen often enough for viewers to expect it in Secret Invasion. Hence, as soon as they finished the episode, fans took to Reddit to comment on how this particular scene may very well be the most graphic in all of the Marvel universe.

As gruesome as it may be to look at the insides of someone’s flesh, some fans argue that there are plenty of equally, if not more, graphic scenes in the MCU, such as Thanos’ head being cut off, Rocket’s exposed brain, or the whole deal with High Evolutionary’s face.

Whether the scene in question is the worst or not, there’s no denying that it’s pretty hard to watch. If the key to getting people invested in the show was to portray violence graphically, Secret Invasion would be seeing more success, but alas, things aren’t looking good for the show. Perhaps a few more shocking twists could do the trick.

Secret Invasion is available for streaming on Disney Plus.

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