Serenity, Now! Keith Buckley’s Seinfeld Hot Take Angers Sitcom Fans

Seinfeld fans aren’t feeling much serenity now that musician Keith Buckley has given his hot take on the show.

“did Seinfeld the show (not the human) completely eradicate empathy from cultural consciousness or did it just show people that they had an unhealthy amount of things in common with people who had no empathy?” Buckley wrote on Twitter Sunday. “I just started from S1E1 and I already feel surly.”

“[I]t’s safe to say empaths had/have a hard time watching the television show Seinfeld? that’s all I was after,” continued Buckley, who is the 41-year-old musician and author known for the hardcore punk band Every Time I Die and the heavy metal supergroup The Damned Things, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

As you can see by some of the responses on Twitter, many were being a sidler in defense of the sitcom, pointing out through sarcasm that the show is not intended as a literal instruction manual on how to conduct one’s life.

Fellow musician Josh Eppard even chimed in, saying that even though he is an empath, the show and Larry David’s spiritual successor Curb Your Enthusiasm, have both grown on him. Frankly, we just appreciate Eppard opening the vault for us.

The sarcasm didn’t let up, either, with one user — apparently in full mastery of their domain — making the analogy of someone viewing Homer Simpson as an ideal role model.

And frankly, we can’t tell if the author’s response, “it’s a cartoon, chief,” makes him a delicate genius or not.

But the response from another user below that, “Do you think Seinfeld was a documentary?” definitely makes us wonder if the jerk store is possibly missing some inventory.

“You know how I got these scars? Yada, yada, yada…now, I see the funny side!”

That’s enough close-talking for one article. What do you think about Seinfeld? Slip your comments past the goalie below.