‘She-Hulk’ just destroyed all hope of a long-awaited superhero team ever entering the MCU

Marvel Studios

It’s fair to say that this week’s sixth episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law came as something of a disappointment to fans, as it sidestepped the major Daredevil tease of the last episode to serve up a, in Jen’s words, “self-contained wedding episode.” Episode 6 was even more of a blow than most probably realized, though, as it actually just wiped out our last flicker of hope that a long-awaited superhero team could ever assemble in the MCU.

While Tatiana Maslany’s Jen Walters attended her friend’s wedding, the ep’s B-plot saw Mallory (Renee Elise Goldsberry) and Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) take on a new client: Craig Hollis/Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi), a centuries-old superhuman with a long history of walking out (of windows) on his spouses. While fans were entertained by his antics, some are miffed that Marvel just ruined a perfectly good superhero from the comics.

What most people are forgetting, however, is that Mr. Immortal nearly made his way to live-action a few years ago in the aborted New Warriors TV series. Developed for Freeform by Marvel Television in 2017, New Warriors would have followed the titular young-adult super-group, with Derek Theler among the ensemble as Craig Hollis. Milana Vayntrub was set to lead as Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl.

Unfortunately Freeform passed on the project after producing a pilot and, despite shopping it around to various networks, New Warriors never materialized. That said, Vayntrub’s subsequent casting as Squirrel Girl in animated productions left fans hoping that the team could be worked into the franchise in some form at some point. However, Mr. Immortal’s introduction, in a wildly different portrayal, in She-Hulk finally closes the door on that potential for good.

Squirrel Girl herself may still appear in the MCU before long, but the chances of her being joined by the New Warriors are now looking slim. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues Wednesdays on Disney Plus.