She-Hulk Star Says Tatiana Maslany Is Crushing It As Jennifer Walters


Anyone that’s seen Orphan Black knows fine well that Tatiana Maslany is a phenomenal actress, and her five-season stint on the cult classic sci-fi series deserves to be recognized as one of the greatest small screen performances of the 21st Century after she played five leading roles and managed to give each one a distinctly unique set of traits and characteristics, not to mention the countless other clones she appeared as during the show’s run.

Maslany may have denied the reports at first, but shortly afterwards she was confirmed as the title hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney Plus series She-Hulk. It’s set to be a serious commitment after early casting calls teased that Jennifer Walters is set to make the jump into the feature film world sooner rather than later, and will even end up as a member of the Avengers.

We haven’t seen a single official image from She-Hulk yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how the star looks as her big green alter-ego when we do get our first look. Production is set to conclude at the end of this month ahead of a 2022 premiere, and co-star Ginger Gonzaga recently took to social media and praised Maslany for what she’s bringing to the project, as you can see below.

A half-hour legal comedy set in the MCU that runs for ten episodes and features Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in a supporting role with a surprise Tim Roth comeback as Abomination is a massively exciting and intriguing proposition that looks set to take the franchise into uncharted territory yet again, while having a lead of Maslany’s caliber is only going to enhance the final product and set She-Hulk up for much bigger things to come.