She-Hulk Character Description Teases The Return Of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk


After years of fans clamoring for the character to enter the MCU, Marvel Studios is finally moving ahead with a She-Hulk TV series, which will arrive on Disney Plus in the next couple of years. A character breakdown for the heroine herself is doing the rounds online, too, and it seems to confirm that not only with Jennifer Walters’ origins story be very faithful to the comics, but Mark Ruffalo will also be involved as Bruce Banner.

Marvel’s now searching for the right actress to bring She-Hulk to life, with the casting call making it clear that the studio is open to all ethnicities at this stage of the process. Here’s the current logline for the project:

“Also known as Jennifer Walters, She Hulk is a lawyer, and cousin of Bruce Banner, whose emergency blood transfusion from Bruce empowers her with Hulk-like abilities.”

This seems to confirm that Jen’s cousin, the Green Goliath, will drop by at least in the first episode or two in order to give his cousin some of his blood. Ruffalo has previously voiced his interest in the show, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he’ll likely co-star in it. This is especially true given that other reports point to She-Hulk acting as something of a belated sequel to 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. 

Various sources, including WGTC’s own, say that William Hurt will be back as Thaddeus Ross for the series. Likewise, his daughter Betty, as played by Liv Tyler, could finally make a second appearance in the MCU. What’s more, the Abomination and the Leader, both of whom featured in Incredible Hulk, could also serve as the antagonists. What with all these returning characters, it sounds like Bruce could have a pretty major role in the series. Just as we first reported last year.

The first Marvel show to hit Disney Plus is The Falcon and the Winter Soldierarriving this August. She-Hulk, meanwhile, could potentially air in 2021, though 2022 seems more likely.