Awesome New Art Shows How Rosario Dawson Could Look As She-Hulk


As announced at D23 back in August, She-Hulk is finally coming to the MCU in the next few years as Marvel Studios is currently developing a solo TV series for the heroine which will land on Disney Plus. Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters has been a favorite to join the franchise for the past decade, so naturally fans have a lot of thoughts about who should play her.

One common suggestion is star Rosario Dawson, who’s already popular with the fandom from her role as Claire Temple in the Marvel-Netflix shows. But what would Dawson actually look like as She-Hulk?

Well, fan artist Boss Logic has got us sorted in that corner as he’s whipped up this cool piece which casts the actress as Jen. “Since #SheHulk is Live action,” he wrote in his caption.”I’m throwing @rosariodawson out there again.”

Some might think that Dawson’s past as Claire would prevent her from playing a superhero elsewhere in the MCU, but another star of Luke Cage has actually already proved that’s not the case. Mahershala Ali once portrayed Cottonmouth on the series but has signed up for the lead in Marvel’s upcoming Blade movie. So, clearly if Dawson wanted the part and Marvel was interested in her, there’d be no reason not give it to the actress.

Another star who’s become popularly linked with She-Hulk of late is Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz. She’s put her own name forward for the gig and many fans have piled on their support for her bid to nab the role. It’s believed that Marvel hasn’t actually started the formal process for casting the character as yet, but they have got a few names on their wishlist nonetheless. As far as we know, Beatriz isn’t one of them, but Ronda Rousey is and so is Rosario Dawson.

We’ll have to wait and see how this casting plays out and who gets to be She-Hulk in the MCU, but in the meantime, let us know your personal picks in the comments section below.

Source: Boss Logic