Should ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ get a second season?

the book of boba fett
Image via Lucasfilm/Disney Plus

Star Wars has had plenty of hits since Disney began producing TV series for Disney Plus, but the one that would seem to be the furthest from the mark is The Book of Boba Fett.

While the show still had its moments many felt that it struggled to get on its feet and as such the Star Wars community is posing the question of whether or not the show should get a second season.

In a post on Reddit, fans shared their thoughts about the future of the show with many suggesting that it needs direction before going forward.

One commenter highlighted the show’s biggest issue going forward as Boba having nothing to do. This being the case, they put forward a creative and exciting idea for what could potentially produce an exciting second season.

Screengrab via r/StarWars

In a later comment, someone took a similar stance simplifying things further to say that a second show would be fine if Boba Fett left the planet of Tattooine and got stuff done.

Another commenter showed little hope for the future of the show sharing that they found it difficult to believe the story about Boba Fett being sold in season one.

Among all of the comments in this post, it seems that fans just want more clarity on Boba Fett as a character. It seems this sentiment is shared by others related to the show also as its lead star Temuera Morrison has previously said that there are things that he would have changed about the show given the chance.

Right now it isn’t clear whether we will ever get a second season of The Book of Boba Fett, however, the community has crafted plenty of ideas that could make it something special if it were to happen.