Sophia Di Martino Says Don’t Call Her Character Lady Loki

Lady Loki

Fans following Loki since the very beginning have known for well over a year that Sophia Di Martino would be playing a character that greatly resembled Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief from an aesthetic and costuming point of view, so it was naturally assumed that the actress had been cast as Lady Loki.

However, since making her grand introduction as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest Disney+ series, it doesn’t appear to be that simple. Even before it was confirmed within the context of the show, some online sleuthing and a couple of notable Easter Eggs had led fans to the conclusion that the mysterious Sylvie may actually turn out to be Sylvie Lushton, the second iteration of Enchantress from the comic books who initially gains her powers directly from Asgard’s resident trickster.

In a new interview, though, Di Martino seemed to clarify that she’s definitely not Lady Loki, which would explain why she’s always correcting Hiddleston when he refers to her as such in the show. While she doesn’t quite come out and say she’s channeling Sylvie Lushton, the implication is certainly there, as you can read below.

“I looked at his performance, but I try not to be shaped by it too much. Sylvie has had a very different backstory to Loki. She’s a different person, and that was really important to us right from the beginning. When Kate Herron pitched me the idea when I finally got the job, and she was able to tell me a bit more about it, it was very clear that Sylvie was Sylvie.

And she’s not Lady Loki from the comics. I mean, the show is inspired by the comics, but this is a brand new backstory in a brand new story. And so I wanted to make her my own. You will see, at times throughout the series, that Tom and I do very similar things, like our physicality is similar or when we choreographed fight scenes, we’ll mirror each other. And that’s all purposely done. And then the rest of it I’ve kind of just made up as I go along.”

Somehow, we’re halfway through Loki already, and yet the series frustratingly and intriguingly continues to provide many more questions than it does answers, and that includes the genuine identity of Di Martino’s instant fan favorite character. We’ll surely be finding out sooner rather than later, especially when the plan still looks to be for the dynamic duo to tear down the Time Variance Authority from the inside out to get what they want, even if we still don’t know what that specifically is in Sylvie’s case.