‘Space Force’ fans furious as Netflix cancels another high-profile show

Image via Netflix

Netflix sci-fi comedy Space Force has been canceled, and fans are not happy. The show, which has only been running for two seasons, has not been renewed for a third season after its most recent outing didn’t bring in the viewing figures that were expected.

Space Force first aired in May 2020, when millions around the world were locked inside without much to do except devour content. The premise was based on Donald Trump’s real-life Space Force, both mocking the concept while praising the ambition and hard work of the individuals, examining how politics gets involved in scientific undertaking, referenced many real-world characters in the process.

Steve Carell led Space Force as General Naird, the newly appointed Chief of Space Operations trying to navigate these new and confusing waters alongside his various co-workers, including Dr. Adrien Mallory (John Malkovich), media relations manager Anthony Scarapiducci (Ben Schwartz), Dr. Chan Kaifang (Jimmy O. Yang), Captain Angela Ali (Tawny Newsome) and his incompetent yet kind adjutant Brigadier General Bradley Gregory (Don Lake). Naird also had is own issues at home in the form of his moody teenage daughter (Diana Silvers), and incarcerated wife (Lisa Kudrow).

Space Force reunited The Office‘s Greg Daniels and lead star Carell, as co-creators, so there were high hopes for the project at its inception. However, the show was not overly well received, even with a change of direction in season two, which received only a slightly more positive critical reception.

For a show as expensive as Space Force, it seems Netflix felt these figures just weren’t good enough. Fans of the show aren’t best pleased, with many lovable characters and unanswered plot points left in the dust.

This fan feels like the show was already improving, maybe if it just had more time…

Another agrees, wishing they could have gotten a whole five seasons.

Channeling some Malkovich to express their anger at the loss.

This Carell fan thinks the actor did a top job and salutes the team.

Many believe Netflix are cutting shows too early, not allowing plot build-up and emotional investment in order to just make more cash.

With some fans saying they are moving away from streaming sites purely for this reason.

It certainly wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, with many not surprised that the show has been canceled.

Space Force is not the only show to hit the chopping block, with Raising Dion also being canceled after its sophomore run. The only hope fans of the show have now if they want to have their questions answered is that another network might pick it up, which seems unlikely given the prohibitive costs.