Spider-Man Animated TV Series Artwork Showcases The Villains


Beginning with the iconic – and meme-producing – 1960s cartoon and reaching all the way to the recent Ultimate Spider-Man, there’s been a long, long history of Spider-Man animated TV series over the decades. The latest will be the simply-titled Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is set to air on Disney XD later this year.

Ahead of its release, artist Patrick Brown has now shared some of his promo artwork for the series on his social media accounts. On his DeviantART page, he explained the following:

“Here’s some more of my Marvel work, I have so much fun on Spider-man, especially being a hardcore Spidey fan since I was a kid. These characters were all created separately but now that I’m allowed to share them I decided to put them into a scene and make a full piece. I hope you like it!”

As you can see above, the image features Spidey engaging in his favourite pastime of swinging through the streets of New York. Out to get him are five of his most notorious foes. From left to right, you have Green Goblin, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Lizard and Vulture.

Hardcore fans of the webslinger will be pleased as the designs are all very close to the classic versions of these characters, albeit with a few tweaks. For instance, Rhino’s slightly more armoured look and a more hi-tech version of Vulture. It’s probably no coincidence that the design is quite similar to Michael Keaton’s iteration from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This is the first glimpse at the show that we’ve seen in a while now. Earlier in the year, it was revealed that Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen would be starring  alongside Peter Parker, while Venom was also confirmed to have a role. It looks likely, then, that the character will team up with the five villains seen here to form the show’s version of the Sinister Six.

Marvel’s Spider-Man looks all set, then, to be yet another entertaining series to star the wall-crawler, and we can’t wait for it to premiere on Disney XD later this year.