‘Squid Game’ star teases key plot element of season 2

Warning: This article contains a potential spoiler for season 2 of Squid Game.

Squid Game took over the world in 2021 with its striking visuals, compelling characters, and unpredictable twists. Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk rocketed to fame, Netflix made a bunch of money, and a second season looks to be officially announced soon.

This will build on the controversial ending, which saw Lee Jung-jae’s lead character Gi-hun dealing with his fabulous riches and the guilt of those that died for him to win. As the final episode closes out, he’s turned his life around and is ready to get on a plane to see his daughter, but just as he’s about to board, he changes his mind and returns to the island.

Now, the actor has hinted at what we can expect to see from Gi-hun in Season 2, during an interview with People where he potentially teased a major plot point.

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

“I hope there’s some sort of twist that’ll be exciting and surprising for me and the viewers. If it was predictable, it would be no fun. I have no idea what will happen or the scale of it, but the only thing [Hwang] did tell me was that Seong Gi-hun is going to be in the show again, and he’s going to be playing in the arena again.”

I’m hoping the second season isn’t merely a retread of the first. Like most viewers, I want to see some more of the devilishly sadistic games that made the show such a hit, but if the story is just Gi-hun working through the system again it’ll be something of a letdown.

But, I have faith that they’re going deeper than before, and that we’ll see the characters begin to destroy the games and their rich benefactors from within.

The second season is still in the planning stages at the moment and may not even shoot in 2022, though I’m sure the promise of another huge hit for Netflix will grease the wheels of production and get it made quickly. More on Squid Game‘s return as we hear it.