‘Star Trek: Discovery’ lead Sonequa Martin-Green hints at what season 5 could bring

star trek discovery

Fans of the hit Paramount Plus show Star Trek: Discovery were recently treated to some good news – the show is indeed coming back for a fifth season.

Sonequa Martin-Green, better known to fans as Captain Michael Burnham, recently talked to Digital Spy about what the next season might have in store for fans.

“I can say that it’s going to be refreshing. It’s going to be invigorating. And I think it’s going to be lovely – in the truest sense of the word,” she said.

Olatunde Osunsanmi, the director of the show, also touched on what the next season will bring, revealing that it will be a combination of old and newer elements from the franchise, according to ScreenRant.

“The galaxy’s a big place where incredible things can happen. Season five is shaping up to be… all I can say is that – it’s not time travel – but we go back into the past to get further into the future. There’s this old version of Star Trek that exists. And this new version that’s been created by Alex but there’s a lot of things we still love about the old version. So it’s about pulling from there… not necessarily stories or characters but more themes, and process, and how those stories are told, and applying it to what we do in the future. And that includes [Burnham’s] character and things she does as a Captain.”

Martin-Green also added that there were some scenes in season 4 that she couldn’t wait for people to see.

Oh yeah! There’s a few. We’re very proud of season four, we’re proud of the entire show, but especially season four because it was such a labour of love.

Showrunner Michelle Paradise said the pandemic influenced some of the storytelling in the show.

We were in lockdown when we started to shoot the season. But the pandemic, it was and is such a huge part of all of us as a global community. We couldn’t help but explore some of the things in our storytelling for season 4, it was such a big thing.

Thanks to a late stage streaming platform change, the show is already on a lot of peoples radar. It went from Netflix to its current home for the latest season. Martin-Green said she was glad everything worked out.

“It’s exciting because for a hot second it didn’t seem like you’d be able to enjoy it and join us. But now here we are less than a year later.”