Star Trek: Discovery Actor Says Season 3 Will Be Healing For Us To Watch

Star Trek: Discovery

With a quarter of the world officially on lockdown to help combat COVID-19, many have taken to Instagram to wile away the hours.

It’s also the perfect platform for actors to maintain a dialogue with their fanbase, which is exactly what Star Trek: Discovery duo William Cruz and Anthony Rapp did earlier this week.

During the livestream (h/t TrekMovie), each actor provided a brief update on the Discovery family, and assured viewers that cast and crew are safely hunkered down in their homes to wait out the coming storm. On a lighter note, Cruz touched base on the upcoming third season of Star Trek: Discovery, which is seemingly more prescient than those that came before.

I think in terms of when we are actually working, I don’t thing that is at the forefront of our minds. But when we are reading it, when it is being developed, the [Discovery] writers and producers have been amazing at taking our input. I think we take great pride in what we are trying to put out there. I am really excited – I was excited before the pandemic about people seeing season three – but I am even more excited about season three, just because of the themes involved and about how healing it can be for people to watch. It’s prescient. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the effects of it are.

The promise of more prescient themes only has us all the more excited for what is undoubtedly one of the more well-crafted TV series currently on air. Thank the heavens, then, that CBS is reportedly plotting five seasons of Discovery.

Closer to home, filming on Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has already wrapped, which leads us to believe that the new installment will be with us before the year’s end. Alas, no official release date has been set, but we’ll let you know if and when that changes.

So far, the CBS original series has managed to escape the lasting impact of Coronavirus, but as this situation is evolving by the hour, there’s still every chance Discovery season 3 will be bumped to 2021.