Star Trek: Discovery EP Promises Season 3 Is Worth The Wait

Star Trek: Discovery

It’s been a long wait since Star Trek: Discovery was last on our screens, with season 2 airing its finale in April 2019. Originally, we were supposed to have seen season 3 by now, but the run has been delayed due to the pandemic. We haven’t received many updates from the U.S.S. Discovery lately, then, but co-showrunner Michelle Paradise has now promised those of us sitting tight that the third season will be worth the wait.

Paradise, who joined Alex Kurtzman as exec producer from this season onward, retweeted a tweet announcing Star Trek‘s panels at [email protected], teasing that there’s “cool stuff” to come from the virtual event. The EP then took the time to address Discovery‘s delay.

“Lots of cool stuff from all these shows – hope you can join!” Paradise began. “And for those of you waiting for #StarTrekDiscovery season 3, know that our incredible team is working nonstop to bring it to you as soon as possible. It’s taking a bit longer these days, but it’s worth the wait…”

Following on from the end of season 2, season 3 will see Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew finding themselves 1000 years in the future after coming through a wormhole. We’ve been told to expect a brighter tone than previous years, with director Jonathan Frakes teasing that it’ll give the show a much more optimistic, classic Trek feel.

While we await the arrival of Discovery, the Trek drought of the past few months will finally end in August when Star Trek: Lower Decks hits CBS All Access. The animated comedy series was able to keep going through quarantine so it’s managed to avoid any kind of setback. Picard season 2, meanwhile, wasn’t so lucky, but it’s expected to start shooting sometime this fall.

By the looks of it, Star Trek: Discovery season 3 may get an air date at [email protected] at the end of the month, so stay tuned.