Commodore Oh’s Real Romulan Name In Star Trek: Picard Revealed


Commodore Oh proved to be the main antagonist of Star Trek: Picard season 1. The Vulcan Head of Starfleet Security was initially depicted as a thorn in Jean-Luc’s side, but nothing more than that. However, it was ultimately revealed that she was really half-Vulcan/half-Romulan and was the leader of the Zhat Vash. It was she who was the brains behind the terrorist attack on Mars that turned public opinion against the synths.

There’s still much we don’t know about Oh, but actress Tamlyn Tomita has revealed a new detail about her in conversation with ScreenRant. The star explained that Oh was an alias and the character’s real name is General N’Dar. Though this name never featured on-screen, it is alluded to in one scene in the finale when Will Riker addresses her as “General” when he manages to get her to call off the Romulan attack on Coppelius.

“I think there were a lot of creative, wonderful juices flowing back and forth between the creators as to who Commodore Oh was, and General N’Dar… But yeah, I am a General, my name is N’Dar, but that’s scripted.”

It seems there were a lot of extra details that were originally supposed to be explained in the season finale that ultimately got cut. Fans had a lot of questions about things that were left hanging in the episode after it aired, and showrunner Michael Chabon has been clearing them up on his Instagram account. For instance, he’s explained what happened to the xBs Seven left behind on Coppelius and also the fate of another Romulan villain, Narek.

As for Oh, Chabon’s also elaborated on her heritage. The EP has told us that Oh – or N’Dar – gets her ruthless attitude and zealotry from her Romulan mother, who married and had a child with a Vulcan reunificationist as (extremely) deep cover to hide her true beliefs and goals. This makes it clear that Oh/N’Dar was bred specifically to infiltrate Starfleet, with her hybrid genes providing the perfect cover.

We don’t exactly know yet where Star Trek: Picard is going in season 2, so it’s possible Oh could return. And if she did, we would likely discover even more about her true past and identity.