Star Trek: Picard EP Reveals What Happened To The Ex-Borg

Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard wrapped up its first season with a grand finale last week, one that featured the return of Riker to Starfleet, the (second) death of Data, the demise and resurrection of Jean-Luc himself and much more. Given how packed it was, there wasn’t room to tie everything up in a neat bow, leaving fans scratching their heads over certain things that weren’t resolved. For instance, here’s a big one: what happened to the ex-Borg?

Seven of Nine, having become a temporary Borg Queen in a previous episode, piloted the Artifact to Coppelius to aid Picard in his battle with the Romulans. The Borg Cube was brought down on the planet, though, leaving the xBs stranded on the synth world. By the end of the episode, Seven had decided to become part of Picard’s crew on board La Sirena. But, uh, what happened to all the former drones stuck on Coppelius?

Showrunner Michael Chabon has now cleared up that mystery. In response to a fan looking for info on Instagram, the EP revealed that a deleted scene would’ve explained everything, and here’s what would’ve happened had the sequence made it into the episode:

“We shot a scene intended to show Ramdha and other xBs beginning to form a kind of possible community with the synths under the auspices of Soong,” Chabon says. “In the end, we couldn’t find a place for it that worked, and we felt that losing it didn’t hurt too much. Maybe we were wrong!”

Many fans would probably agree that maybe Chabon and the team should’ve found a way to keep this scene – or at least some exposition about it – in the finale. Still, at least he’s confirmed the fates of the xBs to us. It makes a lot of sense that Ramdha – the Romulan mythologist and Narek and Narissa’s aunt – and the others would make Coppelius their home, too. It might not be an easy union from the off, but the two peoples are both at least partially synthetic and have nowhere else to go.

With the ex-Borg finding a home, Seven is now free to travel with Picard’s crew – and maybe find love with Raffi – in Star Trek: Picard season 2.