Star Trek: Picard Episode 2 Sneaks In A Discovery Easter Egg


After a long wait, Star Trek: Picard is finally with us and we’re already enjoying the continuation of Jean-Luc Picard’s story. The series is breaking records for CBS All Access as well, even if some fans aren’t too happy with what they’ve seen so far. And while Picard is (understandably) full of nods to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the series has also apparently thrown in a cheeky Easter Egg for Star Trek: Discovery fans, with eagle-eyed viewers spotting a reference in episode two of the new show.

In “Maps and Legends,” wherein Picard’s involvement in a mystery surrounding Data, synthetics, and the Romulans becomes more complicated, he travels to visit Raffi Musiker, his former first officer. Given the remote location of Musiker’s home, Picard opts for a taxi with a familiar look. According to on Twitter, the craft appears to be a refitted shuttle from the Star Trek: Discovery era, now given a more prosaic task.

Sure, it’s a relatively minor detail, but one that shows how Star Trek technology often lives in on in different forms, or for an adapted purpose. Refitting starships is a common trend in the Trek universe, most notably for upgrading older models to accommodate newer technologies, or making a craft suitable for battle. Furthermore, retrofitting has also been used to update starships without having to change their basic structures.

Although we’re just exploring the new world of Star Trek: Picard, it appears that the producers have plans for more crossovers with fellow CBS All Access show Discovery, most likely through some kind of time travel. Hopes are also high for Picard‘s future as well, with the series already renewed for a second season and some discussion reportedly happening around a movie adaptation. And given that recent corporate changes mean that different parts of the Star Trek universe can now overlap more freely than before, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more direct Easter Eggs and references in Picard‘s future.

Tell us, though, did you spot this Easter Egg in Star Trek: Picardand are you enjoying the series so far? As always, let us know in the comments section down below.