Star Trek: Picard’s Marina Sirtis Slams Lin-Manuel Miranda For Insensitive Tweet

Star Trek: picard

Star Trek: Picard actress Marina Sirtis recently went after Lin-Manuel Miranda over his controversial tweet amid the George Floyd protests.

Nowadays, posting something on social media platforms is like going through a minefield. At the end of the day, there’s always going to be someone who’ll criticize you for essentially everything you have to say. And the divide in politics, which is now more apparent than ever, has only made things worse. This time around, that someone is Star Trek: Picard star Marina Sirtis, who slammed legendary songwriter and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda for posting an insensitive tweet amid the global Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic killing.

Here’s what the His Dark Materials star posted at first in an attempt to give away some positive vibes:

“Gmorning. Keep going. Listen to the aches. Learn from your mistakes. Get right with your guts. Keep going,” Miranda wrote.

As you’d imagine, a lot of people criticized his message, but one actress, in particular, took it a step further. Here’s Sirtis’ reply:

“Could you, for once in your life, say something that actually matters at this time of crisis? Your platitudes are pointless.”

Of course, the tweet wasn’t that insensitive as to prompt such a strong reply and Sirtis herself was bombarded with backlash from Miranda’s fans who called the actress out for overreacting. Both have since deleted their tweets, which proves that people, especially celebrities, need to be careful about what they decide to share with others on Twitter.

To be fair, though, and as we’ve seen over the past two weeks, people are pretty angry right now, which inevitably makes social media platforms even more toxic than they usually are.

Meanwhile, we don’t know if Sirtis will reprise her role as Deanna Troi in the upcoming season of Star Trek: Picard, but hopefully we haven’t seen the last of her on the show.