Star Trek’s William Shatner Has Been Banned From Reddit


For an 88-year old with a reputation for curmudgeonly behavior, William Shatner spends a ton of time online interacting with his fans. The legendary Star Trek actor tweets religiously, discussing everything from his Game of Thrones opinions to favorite charitable causes – and of course he never misses an opportunity to egg on Mark Hamill with a swipe at Star Wars.

Yet, despite his popularity on Twitter, it looks like another social media site has had its fill of Shatner’s antics, as the Captain Kirk actor found himself unexpectedly banned from one of Reddit’s communities earlier this week. 

Shatner took to Twitter (where else?) to reveal to his fans that the subreddit r/Drama had banned him for reasons he hasn’t quite figured out yet:

Shatner claims that this is the first time he’s logged into Reddit all year, at least to his knowledge, so it doesn’t really make sense that he was banned just a month ago. He followed up his initial tweet explaining that while he doesn’t really care about his prohibition, after looking over r/Drama’s rules, he’s glad to have been banned.

Fans, however, still attempted to get to the bottom of this. It seems like the /Drama subreddit banned most of their members at some point earlier this year as a joke, and have slowly been adding them back. One follower even pointed out that Shatner has since been unbanned, and after he publicly revealed his exclusion, was even invited be a moderator himself. Though it’s unknown if he took up the offer, I think the actor has made his thoughts about the situation pretty clear.

If you’re active on Twitter and haven’t given William Shatner a follow, you really are missing out. Personally, I don’t think enough people appreciate the fact that both he and Hamill, two of the biggest names of two of the most popular science fiction media franchises ever, regularly interact with each other and their supporters. I don’t know if any future-set sci-fi series, Star Trek or otherwise, could’ve predicted such a level of personal interaction but I’m glad we all get to experience it.