Star Wars: The Clone Wars EP Reveals Why Anakin Changed Ahsoka’s Lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano

Anakin Skywalker, much like his master Obi-Wan, preferred a blue kyber crystal to power his lightsaber. At the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Chosen One gave Ahsoka’s lightsabers back, but they were a bit different from how we used to see them in earlier seasons.

There was a time in that galaxy far, far away when lightsaber color used to indicate a Jedi’s path. Blue crystals suggested that the wielder was a warrior, while green ones indicated a focus on scholarship. And as we’ve seen in The Clone Wars, Jedi Temple Guards still use yellow lightsabers as sentinels. Over the years, though, the Force-user’s choice overshadowed this tradition. And so, despite Ahsoka’s innate traits, leaning heavily on the adventurous and reckless type, she fought with two green and yellow-green lightsabers.

That is, until Snips abandoned the Order and left her lightsabers with Anakin. In the final season, during the Siege of Mandalore, Anakin returns the lightsabers, but not without taking the liberty to improve them first. Or as he put it, “I took care of them. They are good as new. Maybe a little better.” Referring to their color, which had turned blue.

Fans interpreted this as a highlight of Anakin’s preference, though executive producer Dave Filoni has revealed that they’re more symbolic than we originally thought. Apparently, the idea was to show a “clear connection of the master and apprentice relationship of Anakin and Ahsoka… him tinkering with her lightsabers while she is gone shows that he was always thinking of her.”

Filoni also revealed that Anakin didn’t change the kyber crystal, but rather altered the “angle” or “frequency” to make it “more like his own.”

The analogy had a huge payoff in the final moments of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where Anakin found his former Padawan’s weapon near the crash-landed Star Destroyer, which was in itself a poignant reflection on all the tragedy that transpired within that era.