Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hints That Obi-Wan Knew About Anakin And Padme Before Revenge Of The Sith


While the last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is currently focusing on the clones, the show still has to build up to the events that tie into Revenge of the Sith.

After campaigning for several years, the Mouse House revived the fan-favorite Clone Wars animated series for its seventh and final run. Dave Filoni, who’s served as the executive producer of the show since its conception, promised that this time around, fans can expect to see a proper ending, unlike the shortened sixth season that left us with more questions than answers.

As such, we’re excited to see how the producers explore the events that lead to the abduction of Chancellor Palpatine by General Grievous and urge Anakin and Obi-Wan to mount a rescue mission. In addition, fans would like to know where everyone’s favorite snips, Ahsoka Tano, will end up before making her reappearance in Rebels. Well, the first two episodes have thus far focused on the Clones and their dilemmas, but that hasn’t stopped Dave Filoni from subtlety foreshadowing the events that are to come.

The second episode, titled “A Distant Echo,” picked up at the Republic base on Anaxes and showed Captain Rex insisting to go and find his old comrade Echo on Skako Minor. But before they left, Anakin asked Rex to keep watch so that he can have a private conversation with Padme. Unfortunately for them, though, Obi-Wan Kenobi suddenly arrives and a flustered Rex tries to cover things up, even lying about General Skywalker ‘spot-checking’ his gear, which makes him even more suspicious.

Anakin and Rex casually walk away after the encounter, but Obi-Wan cheekily calls out his padawan by saying, “I hope you at least told Padme I said hello.”

While it’s true that Padme and Anakin aren’t exactly the most elusive couple in the world of a galaxy far, far away, this is quite an interesting development for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After all, few people in the Prequel era have knowledge of this relationship, and now we know Obi-Wan is one of them.

As for how this will affect the dynamic between the pair for the rest of the season, we’ll only have to wait and see for ourselves when the next episodes debut every Friday on Disney Plus.

Source: EpicStream