Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Features A Big Rebels Crossover

Star Wars Rebels Season 4
Image via Lucasfillm

After six years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is finally getting a seventh and final season on Disney Plus. This is a huge treat for fans, as we never thought there was more coming of the show, due to the team who made it moving on to Star Wars Rebels since it ended. But now that there’s another run of the animated series, it looks like they could be capitalizing on the gap and dropping in some major connections to Rebels. 

A new trailer for season 7 debuted today, and fans immediately set about analyzing the heck out of it. Which resulted in the uncovering of what’s potentially a major retcon of Revenge of the Sith. Besides that, though, there’s also what appears to be a shocking crossover with Rebels, as a younger version of a character we all know well can be glimpsed in the promo: Caleb Dume AKA Kanan Jarrus.

This is almost definitely Kanan, as that’s Jedi Master Depa Billaba next to him, his mentor before she was killed during the Order 66 massacre. Kanan managed to escape, however, and eventually went on to train his own Padawan in the form of Ezra Bridger. He died a hero’s death in the fifth season of Rebels but was survived by Hera Syndulla and their son, Jacen. Just last month, he even got a cameo in the movies, as Freddie Prinze Jr. could be heard as the voice of Kanan speaking to Rey in The Rise of Skywalker‘s climax.

Kanan’s younger years during this period have already been covered in the comics, so it’s unlikely Kanan will have an extended role in the final run of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but this small cameo is still thrilling enough for fans as it is. It also leaves us wondering whether we’ll be able to notice any more interconnectivity between the two series when season 7 kicks off on Disney Plus on February 21st.