Stargirl’s Brec Bassinger Wants A Crossover With Supergirl

Image via DC

The CW’s newest comic book series, Stargirl hasn’t even debuted yet, but its star Brec Bassinger is already looking ahead to being a part of the regular Arrowverse crossovers and in particular, teaming up with Supergirl.

The series will see high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore (Bassinger) discover that her stepfather was sidekick to the superhero Starman and has been keeping his cosmic staff hidden, which chooses Courtney as its new wielder, whereupon she begins forming a new generation of the Justice Society of America.

Of the prospect of a crossover, Bassinger had this to say:

“Last night I was watching a bunch of interviews of Melissa [Benoist], and she’s just the best Supergirl. I bet Stargirl and Supergirl would be this dynamic duo. That would just be awesome. So yes, my hopes are high. I really, really hope for it. But as of now, nothing planned, but fingers crossed.”

The dynamic for a meeting between the two heroines has the potential to be an interesting one, since Kara has been dealing with her powers from a young age (a few Supergirl episodes even feature her exploits when she was more or less the same age Courtney is), and so will likely have a lot of wisdom to pass on to the younger woman with regards to balancing a normal life with superpowered adventures that she needs to hide from the world.

However, for a crossover to take place, first the state of the multiverse needs to be properly established. The characters of the Arrowverse shows are currently of the belief that the multiverse is no more, yet at the end of the final part of “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” a montage showed the worlds of various other DC shows to have been restored as Oliver rebooted the cosmos, with Stargirl captioned to be taking place on Earth-2.

With the main Arrowverse shows now streamlined by all taking place on the newly minted Earth-Prime and the rest of the multiverse currently inaccessible, it’ll take some time for interdimensional crossovers to become standard again, but when they do, Stargirl will likely be first in line.