Stephen Amell Spent Christmas Eve Watching The Arrow Finale With His Mom

Arrow season 8

In just about a month, Arrow will conclude its eight-season run and give Oliver Queen his ultimate swansong as the hero that kickstarted the Arrowverse

Yes, that’s right, folks. As of now, there are only three episodes of Arrow left, and one of them serves as the penultimate hour to “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” so it’s not easy for diehard fans to accept the fact that the end is drawing near. Though in fairness, we’ve been preparing for this goodbye ever since we learned that Arrow’s eighth season will be its last.

But perhaps no one is as emotional as the series’ star Stephen Amell, who’s carried the franchise over the past couple of years with literally his blood, sweat and tears. And so, the actor decided to spend Christmas Eve by watching the series finale of Arrow with his mom to reflect on his legacy as the green-hooded vigilante and hero of Star City.

And if Amell’s tweet about this wholesome experience is any indication, the finale is going to be one hell of an emotional ride:

Though Oliver’s last outing as a hero is still a topic of speculation, we know that he’ll likely perish or disappear at the end of the Crisis event. As we learned from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 3, the Green Arrow has to become something else, presumably taking on the role of the godlike Spectre to help the heroes travel back to the dawn of time and face the Anti-Monitor again.

So, if Oliver is to make the ultimate sacrifice, how will he appear in the last two episodes? Will his Spectre form grant him special abilities to stick around for a little while after the Crisis has ended? And more importantly, how are Oliver and Felicity able to reunite, as shown in the previous season’s final episode?

We won’t know the answer to these questions for sure until Arrow returns on January 14th, with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 4. After that, Episode 9, titled “Green Arrow and the Canaries” will set up a spinoff series featuring Mia Smoak as the next Green Arrow on January 21st, and the final episode, titled “Fadeout,” will give viewers the chance to say farewell one last time on January 28th.