Stephen Amell Says Elseworlds Is The Most Fun He’s Had In The Arrowverse


The annual Arrowverse crossovers are always the highlight of the year for DC TV fans. This December, we’ve got “Elseworlds” to look forward to, a three-night event uniting Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl for a reality-warping adventure. Sure, on the one hand, the fact that Legends of Tomorrow isn’t involved this time around is a little bit disappointing, but star Stephen Amell’s promising that there’s still lots to get excited about.

While speaking to the press during a set visit, the man who’s played Oliver Queen on our screens for seven years now went so far as to say that “Elseworlds” is probably the most fun he’s ever had in the DC sandbox. The actor believes that the crossover really embraces the freedom the franchise now has to go anywhere and do anything after carefully building up such a wide-ranging shared universe.

“I wouldn’t call it the most rewarding, but it was the most fun that I’ve had maybe ever throughout the course of doing the show. I think that the crossovers this year, even if we don’t have as many DC characters necessarily as we did last year, this feels like the first time or at the very least the best example of us just embracing the fun of it all and embracing all of the opportunities that we have because of all of the things that we’ve had a chance to do over the years.”

Amell has opened up about how tough last year’s crossover, “Crisis on Earth-X,” was to film, so it’s good to know that he seems to have had a much better time working on “Elseworlds.” Like the man says, just because the Waverider crew won’t be stopping by doesn’t mean the event will be short on thrills for the fans. Far from it, in fact.

Obviously, one of the big hooks going into “Elseworlds” is that it’ll introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman into the Arrowverse, with the heroes journeying to Gotham City for the first time. There’s also the return of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman to look forward to, with Elizabeth Tulloch joining in on the fun as Lois Lane as well. Oh, and John Wesley Shipp is showing up as his 1990s incarnation of the Flash. What could be cooler than that?

Elseworlds” kicks off with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th, and we simply cannot wait to see what’s in store.