Stephen Amell Teases A Returning Fan Favorite For Arrow Season 7


With Arrow set to return from its summer vacation in a matter of hours, viewers should know that Oliver Queen will run into a few old friends (I’m using that term very, very loosely) while in prison. To be more specific, Vinnie Jones, Michael Jai White and Cody Rhodes will each reprise their respective roles of Danny Brickwell, Bronze Tiger and Derek Sampson.

Now, from the sound of it, yet another familiar face is taking up residence at Slabside, but we’re going to have to wait to find out exactly who it is. While recently speaking with, lead actor Stephen Amell first shed light on what’s to come by discussing how Ollie’s in a much different place when we join him:

“After the premiere, we really isolate Oliver. He goes a long time without interacting with really any familiar face. I have enjoyed the couple of visitors that I’ve had. I actually had one recently with a character that I haven’t had a sit-down scene with in some time, and it was really fun to work with them again.”

It wasn’t long after that when Amell dropped the following teaser:

“He finds some enemies that you would expect to be his enemies in prison, but we also have him team up with a few unexpected people, and those scenes have been fun. We have a new character, Stanley, that we meet in the pilot and he and Oliver sort of form an unlikely alliance. We also have someone come back that I know we were able to slip through without anyone knowing about it, and it was really really exciting to work with that character.“

Naturally, fans are already crossing their fingers wishing to see either Manu Bennett returning as Deathstroke or Michael Rowe coming back for another tour as Floyd Lawton, but both those guys have pretty much been written off the show in differing ways because WB’s motion picture division has other plans for the characters.

Considering that Arrow returns for its seventh season later tonight on The CW, all we can do at this point is hope that the big reveal comes during the premiere, or in the very near future.

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